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Lesson Plan for Outdoor Clinic

SUBJECT: Dealing with the Wall


The student will learn the following skills after performing the activities below:

  • Know different mechanics for handling common restart situations (e.g., corner kicks, free kicks near in the offensive third
  • Understand when to handle the wall and the decisions that force for the assistant referee positioning and responsibilities
  • Recognize the time for a ceremonial free kick versus a quick restart situation.


  • Soccer ball
  • Soccer pennies


Discuss the importance of allowing quick restarts whenever it is desired. Have an open discussion of when a quick restart may not appropriate even if desired by the offense (e.g., just outside penalty area).


· Corner Kick – Set students up as offense and defense on short, mid, and long corner kick situations. Discuss various positioning options and their positives and negatives.

· Free Kicks near the offensive third – Set up “friendly” wall situation with a free kick from about 25 yards out. Discuss various positioning options and their positives and negatives.



In this scenario, the wall has both offensive and defensive players involved. Discuss possible misconduct that can occur in this situation (stepped on feet, shirt tugs, pushing, pulling, etc.). Discuss positioning options and their positives and negatives.

Discuss when to “wave the AR down” to be goal judge. What added responsibilities does this give to the referee (i.e., off-side positioning)


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