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Introduction to On-Line Bridge Training Presentations

Please read these instructions carefully prior to beginning working through the on-line lesson modules.

This SWOSOA/OHSAA Bridge Training has been developed to transition an existing Grade 8 USSF Referee to meet the criteria necessary to qualify as a NFHS/OHSAA referee. Part of this training material is being done on-line to facilitate reducing the required in-class hours to two sessions instead of the typical 3-4 sessions. The on-line material presented here is an essential part of the overall training and should not be taken lightly. This will not be a short process, so plan accordingly.

First thing you need to do is to print out a copy of the Bridge Training Answer Sheet, which you will use to answer the questions at the end of each lesson module. Bring the completed answer sheet to the first in-class clinic session to receive credit for having completed the on-line modules. A review of these questions and answers will be an integral part of the in-class sessions as well.

Each of the eleven (11) lesson modules has been posted in two formats, i.e. PDF and Power Point, in an attempt to allow everyone the ability to access the files. You may view the lessons using whichever of these formats suits you the best.

If you view the lesson modules in the Power Point format, you can view them either in ”Normal”, “Slide Sorter” or “Slide Show” mode. For best results view these modules as a “Slide Show”. This may take a little more time, but some points are better emphasized in this mode.

What order and how you choose to go thru the material is totally your choice. As you can see there is a boatload of material to be processed, as well as several questions to be answered and brought to the in-class sessions. The on-line modules MUST be completed prior to attending the first in-class clinic session.

On-Line Lesson Modules:

Since you are a Grade 8 USSF referee, then you should be knowledgeable with regard to the 17 Laws of the Game. These lesson modules, for the most part, will not review or recite the basics of what you should already know. Instead the emphasis is on making note of the differences between USSF Laws and NFHS Rules. All the NFHS/OHSAA Rule differences are highlighted in yellow on each slide. These are the important points on which you will need to focus.

Portions of the lesson module presentations are noted as “Common Knowledge”, which simply means that the material is basic USSF law information that you already know, and that it is also common to both USSF and NFHS, i.e. no differences.

Other sections in the presentations that are pre-labeled as “Notes” are included as an expanded explanation of the USSF or NFHS Rules.

One favor, please. Your honest, no-holds-barred input and critique on the on-line training modules will be invaluable. Keep track of your pluses and minuses, as you go thru the process, and record the time it takes you to go thru each module (submit this along with your answer sheet at first in-class session).

Any questions or concerns, contact Charlie Keaney at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



    Introduction (PDF)
    Introduction (MS Powerpoint)
    What is Needed to Play (PDF)
    What Is Needed to Play (MS Powerpoint)
    Starting and Restarting Play (PDF)
    Starting and Restarting Play (MS Powerpoint)
    Dynamic Restarts (PDF)
    Dynamic Restarts  (MS Powerpoint)
    Dynamic Play (PDF)
    Dynamic Play (MS Powerpoint)
    Officials - Powers and Duties (PDF)
    Officials - Powers and Duties (MS Powerpoint)
    Rule 18 - Definitions (PDF)
    Rule 18 - Definitions (MS Powerpoint)
    Lightning (PDF)
    Lightning (MS Powerpoint)
    OHSAA Need to Know (PDF)
    OHSAA Need to Know (MS Powerpoint)
    Concussion (PDF)
    Concussion (MS Powerpoint)
    Duel System (PDF)
    Duel System (MS Powerpoint)

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